Sustainability Report 2013


Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership

The Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership (NDEP) is a multi-donor fund that was established in 2002 and is managed by the EBRD. Total contributions to the fund are almost €345.6 million.

The fund is split into two windows. In the first, the EBRD’s Nuclear Safety Department is using grant funds provided by the NDEP contributors (€165 million) for projects to tackle risks caused by radioactive waste deposited in the north-west of Russia. The nuclear safety projects within the NDEP are fully grant financed.

Our Environment and Sustainability Department manages the environmental window of the fund to promote municipal sector projects for water and wastewater treatment, energy efficiency and municipal and agricultural waste management in north west Russia and northern Belarus. The NDEP funds for environmental projects total €180.6 million and are used as co-financing to support loans from the EBRD and other NDEP-approved Implementing Agencies (the European Investment Bank, the Nordic Investment Bank, the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation and KfW).

In 2013, the Northern Tunnel Collector in Saint Petersburg was inaugurated, raising the level of wastewater treatment in the city to over 94 per cent. The Northern Tunnel Collector is part of the Neva Programme, which is the largest single project in the NDEP environmental window.