Sustainability Report 2013


Municipal and environmental infrastructure

Our operations in the municipal and environmental infrastructure (MEI) sector provide millions of people with access to safe drinking water, sanitary waste disposal services, green public transport, well-maintained urban roads and energy-efficient district heating. We work with local governments, private operators and donors to bring tangible improvements to the daily lives of citizens in the countries where we invest.

We financed 40 projects in the MEI sector during 2013, representing a total EBRD commitment of €740 million – a record figure for the Bank in this sector. Investments in water services, waste disposal and district heating in 2013 are expected to benefit a total of 3.4 million people in the EBRD region while 3.8 million passengers each day are expected to use public transport systems benefiting from our support over the same period. Some 57 per cent of MEI investments that we financed in 2013 contributed to energy efficiency and climate change mitigation, with predicted emission reductions estimated at 400,000 tCO2e a year. As in previous years, our MEI investments leveraged considerable volumes of loan and grant co-financing from the EU and other sources.