Sustainability Report 2013


Sustainable Energy Initiative

We launched the Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) in 2006 to help the region’s economies reduce their carbon emissions and become more energy independent and efficient. Since then we have invested over €12 billion in sustainable energy projects, and these now represent 29 per cent of our annual Bank investment. In 2013, we signed 163 sustainable energy projects, worth €2.495 billion in investment. These investments resulted in 6.8 million tonnes of annual CO2 reductions, or a saving of 1.9 million tonnes of oil equivalent (toe). This is greater than the total annual greenhouse gas emissions of Albania.

The SEI business model for climate change mitigation and adaptation combines:

Donor support continued to be crucial, with over €240 million of technical cooperation (TC) and in supporting the successful implementation of projects.

With this array of tools we undertake sustainable energy work in all of the countries where we invest and across all sectors.