Sustainability Report 2013


Expanding into resource efficiency

In 2013 we launched our Sustainable Resource Initiative. This is an umbrella initiative that expands the Sustainable Energy Initiative to enhance the focus on the efficient use of materials and water, particularly in the water-scarce SEMED region.

Over the course of 2013 we made good progress in implementing the SRI across several areas, including planning and development of potential projects, establishing policy dialogue priorities and integrating the SRI into the Bank’s business processes.

In addition to standard Sustainable Energy project components, we financed water efficiency and/or waste minimisation components in 32 projects across 16 countries. Almost half of these projects have been developed in the municipal infrastructure sector (15 projects), followed by agribusiness (9 projects), manufacturing (7 projects), and property (1 project). Projects ranged from a particle board manufacturer in Russia capturing sawdust and re-using it in the manufacturing process, and process improvements in aluminium production to save water and energy in Turkey, to water harvesting in a commercial property in Jordan. These SRI projects deliver estimated water savings of 11 million m3 and waste savings of 480,000 tonnes every year.

Implementing SRI activities involves: