Sustainability Report 2013



We provided €8.5 billion of investment in 2013 to over 392 operations across more than 30 countries, assessing each project for its ability to protect and benefit the environment, employees and communities.

Sustainable energy continued to be a key investment theme, with almost €2.5 billion committed to renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change mitigation and adaptation. These objectives also underpin our new Energy Sector Strategy, adopted in December 2013. Our financing for sectors such as water infrastructure, waste management and sustainable transport in 2013 will also deliver important sustainable development benefits to thousands of households and enterprises across the region. Reflecting the integration of social and economic inclusion into our transition mandate, 2013 also saw the launch of a new Strategic Gender Initiative to further embed gender equality in the Bank’s operations. We also financed the first projects under our Sustainable Resource Initiative, which build on our experience with energy efficiency to deliver improvements in water efficiency and waste minimisation.

Our €6.5 billion borrowing programme in 2013 included a US$ 250 million Environmental Sustainability Bond issue, providing central banks, pension funds and other institutional investors around the world with a range of triple-A-rated instruments that enable them to participate in the region’s environmental markets and contribute to the Bank’s positive impact in other sectors.


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