Sustainability Report 2013


Review of Good Governance Policies

We are currently revising and updating our Environmental and Social Policy, our Public Information Policy and the Rules of Procedure for the Bank's independent PCM. Collectively, these policies are known as our Good Governance Policies (GGPs).

The purpose of the reviews is to ensure that each policy remains fit for purpose, taking into account lessons of experience, changes in international best practice and the views of stakeholders including clients, industry associations, civil society, peer organisations and our shareholders.

The review process began in spring 2013 with a request for comments on the existing policies. We received numerous submissions from clients, shareholders and CSOs, all of which have helped to shape the proposed changes to the policies. The Environmental and Social Policy and PRs are expected to retain their current overall scope and structure but will build on lessons learned since their last revision in 2008, including a greater emphasis on issues that have grown in importance and profile in the last few years. These issues include health and safety, gender, human rights and animal welfare.

Draft revised policy documents were released in early 2014, followed by a series of public meetings. A summary report on consultations will be issued for each policy, including the comments received and staff responses. These reports will be issued with the final revised policies once the policies are approved by the Board of Directors.

Read the Review of the Good Governance Policies.