Sustainability Report 2013


Moving towards early consultation

In 2013, we piloted an early engagement approach in Slovenia and Serbia by consulting with civil society stakeholders during the pre-drafting stage of the respective country strategies. We recognise that consultation at an early stage in the process, when strategies are still at a concept stage, helps to provide a broad spectrum of perspectives in strategy design. We also piloted a two-stage consultation process for the development of the Energy Sector Strategy (formerly the Energy Operations Policy) and the review of our Good Governance Policies – the Public Information Policy, the Environmental and Social Policy and the PCM. The process involves gathering the feedback from civil society stakeholders on the lessons learned in the implementation of existing policies, followed by the opening of the formal consultation processes on the draft strategies.

In 2013, we organised 11 meetings with civil society on the review of country strategies and one consultation on the development of the first country strategy for Kosovo, which became an EBRD country of operations in December 2012. The events provided a platform for dialogue between civil society representatives and relevant Bank teams involved in the strategy review processes, including representatives from Banking, the Environment and Sustainability Department, the Office of the Chief Economist and the Vice President, Policy.

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