Sustainability Report 2013


2013 engagement with civil society

Open dialogue was the main theme of our engagement with civil society in 2013. Throughout the year we scaled up and enhanced our engagement with civil society organisations (CSOs) in our countries of operations through both working-level and high-level dialogue between civil society and our senior management (including the EBRD President) and early engagement with civil society on our key policies and strategies.

In 2013, more than 2,300 CSOs were registered with the EBRD and over 530 civil society representatives participated in the 45 thematic meetings that we organised. This represented a 37 per cent increase in our overall engagement with civil society compared with 2012.

To further raise the profile of our engagement with civil society, the Civil Society Engagement Unit has published a Guide for civil society organisations which provides a comprehensive overview of mechanisms for dialogue and information exchange between the Bank and CSOs.