Sustainability Report 2013


Disclosure of Category A projects

We require Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) for all Category A projects and we ensure that these are made available to the public (in both English and the relevant local language) for a minimum of 60 days (120 days in the case of public sector projects) before Board review. Project sponsors are also required to make the ESIA publicly available for comment in at least one location near the project site.

Fifteen Category A projects requiring an ESIA were in an active disclosure period during 2013; of these 15 projects, 10 proceeded to Board review and approval during the year.

All Category A projects proceeding to the EBRD Board in 2013 met the Bank’s disclosure period requirements. The full ESIAs were available in local languages in all cases and all of the projects were disclosed electronically. Some of the projects were disclosed on our web site in addition to the client’s web site. The links were provided on each of the individual projects’ ESIA web pages.

Project name Project numberCountry SectorDate of ESIA releaseDate of Board decision Days available before Board meetingLanguage of ESIA Electronic Availability
Bishkek Solid Waste 41712Kyrgyz RepublicPublic06/12/1216/04/13132Russian and EnglishLink
Crucea I42841RomaniaPrivate16/10/1204/09/13324Romanian and EnglishLink
Oyu Tolgoi LLC41158MongoliaPrivate10/09/1226/02/13170Mongolian and English Link, Link
Lastva-Pljevlja Transmission Line 42768Montenegro Public23/12/1116/04/13481Montenegrin and EnglishLink
Sibcement40216RussiaPrivate11/10/1123/07/13652Russian and EnglishLink
EPBiH – Hydro Power Plants Project44199Bosnia and HerzegovinaPublic14/05/1317/09/13126Bosnian and EnglishLink
Jvari-Khorga Interconnection45181GeorgiaPublic20/05/1316/10/13150Georgian and EnglishLink, Link
Pawlowo Wind Farm44335PolandPrivate24/05/1312/11/13173Polish and EnglishLink
Central Anatolia (Etlik) Hospital PPP44166TurkeyPrivate24/05/13TBD*TBD*Turkish and EnglishLink
SOCAR Turkey Aegean Refinery42605TurkeyPrivate24/05/13TBD*TBD*Turkish and EnglishLink
INTER RAO Capacity Replacement Loan44993RussiaPrivate06/08/1312/11/1399Russian and EnglishLink
Seymenoba Combined Cycle Cogeneration Power Plant44967TurkeyPrivate07/08/13TBD*TBD*Turkish and EnglishLink
Crucea North Wind Farm45388RomaniaPrivate27/09/1326/11/1361Romanian and EnglishLink
Adjaristsqali HPPs45335GeorgiaPrivate17/10/13TBD*TBD*Georgian and EnglishLink
Land Power Wind Farm44601RomaniaPrivate14/11/1329/01/1475Romanian, and some in EnglishLink